The Griffin family
traces back to 1630 when William Griffin was born in England and in 1638 arrived in Virginia. Around 1880 James William Henry Griffin, his sister Cora Griffin, and his brother W. N. “Muggs” Griffin moved to Madison County, Texas. James William Henry had 16 children.
  In our family line this group is referred to as
“The 16”.

During the last few year Ila Moody, daughter of Mary Ethel Griffin (one of “The 16”) collaborated with others in the family to put together a photo album based off  “The 16” and their families. Being the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of one of  “The 16” we were fortunately able to contribute a small portion to the information collected. We must thank Ila for graciously allowing us to present this tribute to our branch of the Griffin tree. 
We hope you enjoy

The Griffin Book


James William Henry Griffin
& Vir Zella Monson
Elizabeth Ann O’Neal

Hayden Griffin

Henry Griffin

Jim Griffin

Walter L. Griffin

Edd Griffin

Mary Ethel Griffin

Lottie Griffin

Horace Griffin

Rosa Lee Griffin

Ernest Marvin Griffin

Maple Griffin

Ruby Griffin

Cora Griffin

Homestead circa 1916
Family circa 1896 – 1909
Family circa 1870’s
W. N. “Muggs” Griffin / Lizzie
Cora Griffin / Edd Mosley
Family circa 1930’s
Family Bible Notes

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